Tomatoes and Blossoms

For all our customers who have been anticipating the return of our delicious, vine-ripened, heirloom tomatoes, they are beginning! This year we reduced the plantings in the hoop house to make way for early cucumbers, zucchini and beans so the tomatoes we are getting now are a week or two later. The hoop house plantings are mainly Early Girls, Big Beef, Brandywine and Mortgage Lifter which produce later than our favorite, Stupice. Anticipate the appearance of Stupice and cherry tomatoes at the markets in two to three weeks from now.

Squash blossoms are on their way, too.  The trombetta squash, in addition to producing amazingly delicious squash, remeniscent of artichoke hearts, is producing an abundance of large, male blossoms for harvest. Limited supplies will be available at the Petaluma, Fairfax and Santa Rosa markets. Get there early!

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