It’s not too late for tomatoes! In fact now is the time.


Leisen’s Bridgeway Farms has had a number of customers at the farmers market express concern that they are late planting tomatoes. On the contrary, now is a perfect time to plant your entire summer vegetable garden. Our weather is just now stabilizing and the nights are warming from the 40s into the 50s. Plants like eggplant, peppers and tomatoes all prefer a warm environment and beans, squash and cucumber need warm soil to germinate and of course the melons, especially watermelon, need those warm days to be at their best.

This year we reduced our varieties of tomatoes to a chosen few. These are the cream of the crop with a few new varieties on trial. As we plant our fields the number of plants available gets reduced and some of the varieties disappear so get them soon. There is a link below to our 2016 tomato varieties list. Come to the farmers markets and pick up your tomato plants.

2016 tomato varieties

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  1. Will you have Pink Berkeley Tie Dye starts this Saturday, May 21 at the SR Farmer’s Market?

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