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19 months post fire

The farm is in the height of spring. The figs and olives that survived the fire have been planted in the ground and we should have an abundant crop of figs. The fences are up and doing their job keeping the deer out of the orchard. The native vegetation planted and natural have enjoyed the rain. Still no working well as PG&E is delaying hooking up the electrical until they see the demand for the main house. Our barn is complete and housing our repurchased tools and equipment.

Still living in trailers. Hope to be in the rental house we rebuilt by August.

Thanks to all our customers who greet us at the market when we shop there. Your concern for us is heartwarming.

Janet and Corrie

After the fire

As some of you know the California wildfires in October devastated our property and our daughter’s house as well. We are now in the process of cleanup and intend to rebuild our homes. Thanks to generous donations from the Farmers Guild, Rotary and Redwood Credit Union and the members of the Sonoma County Beekeepers Association we expect to begin the process of rebuilding our farm. The irrigation system is our first priority. We are not sure what our farm system will be in the future.
We will be taking an extended break from farmers market sales beginning in February. Thank you to all our loyal customers. We will miss you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Vote today

This time of year we begin planning for our spring crops and the seeding of long term vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplant and peppers. So now is the time to vote for your favorites so we can seed some for you. Have a favorite variety of tomato? Look on our tomato page under produce aVine ripe tomatoesnd post your favorites here. Or email us a list.

Know a great hot or sweet pepper? Let us know, we like trying new varieties!

They’re back (and going fast)

Our “sister” farm’s delicious mandarins

This time of year in addition to all our farm fresh produce and dried tomatoes we are fortunate to be able to sell lovely citrus from our sister farm, literally Janet’s sister, Dayna’s, farm.

Nestled in the Sierra Foothill town of Newcastle, Burgeson Family Farm is citrus heaven. Dayna and her husband, Adrian and son, Evan, farm their small acreage using sustainable, organic techniques. 



Rainy market

It’s not too late for tomatoes! In fact now is the time.


Leisen’s Bridgeway Farms has had a number of customers at the farmers market express concern that they are late planting tomatoes. On the contrary, now is a perfect time to plant your entire summer vegetable garden. Our weather is just now stabilizing and the nights are warming from the 40s into the 50s. Plants like eggplant, peppers and tomatoes all prefer a warm environment and beans, squash and cucumber need warm soil to germinate and of course the melons, especially watermelon, need those warm days to be at their best.

This year we reduced our varieties of tomatoes to a chosen few. These are the cream of the crop with a few new varieties on trial. As we plant our fields the number of plants available gets reduced and some of the varieties disappear so get them soon. There is a link below to our 2016 tomato varieties list. Come to the farmers markets and pick up your tomato plants.

2016 tomato varieties

Start your vegetable garden for 2015

In spite of our record drought you can have a vegetable garden. Many vegetables use minimal water and actually suffer when over watered. One of those plants is the tomato. Plant it deep, water it well the first few days to get it established then water deep and infrequently. If the plant is wilting in the morning, water it.

Here is a list of our varieties this year. Many are selling out as we only seeded a few so get them soon before they’re gone!

2015 tomato varieties

Pumpkin soup

Galeaux d’Eysines, that warty pumpkin we have at the markets this month has a unique flavor and makes great soup or pie. We have begun slicing this pumpkin and the other large, soup pumpkins, Musquee de Provence and Marina di Chioggia, into smaller portions for individual recipes. It’s getting toward the end of our other squashes especially Delicata and Butternut. Branch out and try a Kabocha Winter Sweet variety or Speckled Hound. Come to the market and get them before they’re gone.


This is also know as the Cinderella pumpkin.
This is also know as the Cinderella pumpkin.