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Melon Season is finally here!

For all of you who have been asking about our heirloom and specialty melons, they are finally beginning to arrive. The first in line are the Ambrosia, Tuscany and Retato Degli musk melons. Orange fleshed and heavily perfumed with a small seed cavity and thin rind Ambrosia is one of our favorites. Tuscany and Retato Degli are new this season and appear to be a delicious melon with lots of variations in size and shape, true heirlooms. They are also orange fleshed and heavily perfumed with a slightly firmer texture than Ambrosia. Too bad you can’t smell them on the computer. Come to Fairfax on Wednesday night or Santa Rosa on Sunday morning and get some aroma therapy.

National Farm Market Week News – Santa Rosa Market at last!

IMG_4536photo-wefm-logo We are happy to announce that we will be attending the West End Farmers Market this Sunday, August 11th from 10-2. While we will miss the Glen Ellen Farmers Market and our regulars there we are happy to finally be in our home town. We look forward to seeing all our friends and aquaintances who have wanted us to be in a Santa Rosa Market. Celebrate the end of National Farmers Market week with us. We will continue to attend the Petaluma Eastside Farmers Market on Tuesday mornings from 10-1:30  and the Fairfax Farmers Market on Wednesday evenings from 4-8pm.

This Week’s Markets July 7th through July 13 Tomatoes and Basil!!!



Tomatoes and basil, the sweet harbingers of summer. We left for the nation’s Independence Day to enjoy a visit on the lake with our grandchildren and daughter and son-in-law and returned to an explosion of tomatoes and beautiful basil. Time for some amazing bruschetta with some bread from the markets and our garlic, tomatoes and basil. Come visit us at the Glen Ellen market on Sunday from 10-2, the Petaluma Eastside Market on Tuesday from 10-1:30 and the  Fairfax Farmers Market on Wednesday from 4-8pm.

This Week’s Markets, June 25-June 30th Summer Farro Salad

summer farro salad   

In spite of the rain we were at the Petaluma Eastside farmers market Tuesday. We had a limited number of tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers (both Persian and Lemon), an abundance of summer squash, zucchini, some chard, lots of Dinosaur Kale, Purple kohlrabi, garlic, beets and of course our delicious honey. See you at the Glen Ellen market this Sunday, June 30th.

My sister, Dayna, has posted a delicious zucchini recipe, Summer Farro Salad,  on her blog. Looks delicious doesn’t it?

Sunday’s Farmers Market

glen_ellenWe will be at the Glen Ellen Farmers Market on Sunday, June 16th and every Sunday through the season. This Sunday we will be bringing the first of the season tomatoes. Vine ripened, in dirt. The varieties include Stupice, a Leisen family favorite, Muskovich, a new variety this year, and cherry tomatoes. IMG_0561

May 5th – October 30th

Sundays from 10:00am to 2:00pm

14301 Arnold Drive
Glen Ellen, CA 95442