Chickens and Eggs

Get to the market early if you want some eggs.

Our farm has been home to chickens for about 5 years now but this year we decided to expand our flock and branch out into raising meat birds. Our laying flock has increased from 20 hens to 72 and we are anticipating increasing that to 90- 100 hens this year. Janet attended a seminar this spring on raising heritage breeds and is contemplating raising Delaware chickens, one of the original breeds used for broilers before the invention of the Cornish cross broiler aka the Frankenchicken.
The chicks in this picture are the French red broilers, slower growing and well adapted to being raised on pasture.
The eggs pictured are from our new pullets. The tiny egg pictured had no yolk. IMG_1258


This is what pasture raised chickens are supposed to look like.
Sometimes we have to crawl under the coop to retrieve eggs!
How can you tell this is a Cuckoo Maran and not a Plymouth Barred Rock? White legs

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